Processing and Manufacturing Tips for Busy Managers and Executives

How to Keep Injection Moulding Cost Effective

10 January

Are you planning to acquire injection moulding equipment for your manufacturing plant? Read on and discover some of the ways that you can use to keep the cost of those injection moulded products competitive. Select the Right Material Many manufacturing plants incur high injection moulding costs because they selected the highest quality material available for […]

The Top Benefits of CNC Metal Folding

01 December

Various trends in the metal fabrication industry have emerged to enhance the quality and the yield in every fabrication process. The use of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining has especially been common in metal folding and other metal fabrication processes. The use of these machines will give you a faster changeover in your metal folding […]

How to Choose the Ideal Abrasive Material for Water Jet Cutting

26 October

Abrasive water jet cutting technology is becoming the ideal option for manufacturing industries that deal with material cutting procedures. The technology is less invasive compared to other machine tool cutting techniques, and it does not involve the use of heat which can tamper with the final product. The outcome of the final product in water […]

Protect Your Employees by Making Sure Your Fire Escapes are Up to Date

24 August

Under Australian law, every industrial company needs to implement stringent fire precautions, which include providing a clear, accessible escape route for employees when blazes take root. Specific regulations vary by state, but wherever your company works, owners are liable if employees are harmed by poorly designed or faulty fire escapes. If your premises haven’t updated […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Goal Posts for Your Kids’ Backyard Football Field

12 July

A football field in the backyard is one way to help your kids keep fit with exercise. It can also help them nurture their talents. Besides, it’s a great way to help them enjoy their leisure time. However, a football field won’t be complete without goal posts from a company like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd. […]

Embrace the Latest Technology to Advance Your Engineering Projects.

08 February

Engineering has been the main backbone for the rapid development and growth in specialized industries in and around Brisbane. Several industries specializing in mechanical works, civil works, electrical, chemical and biomedical engineering now use skilled and innovative engineering designs to make advancements in their services.  Leading in this new trend are the engineering design consultancy […]

Important Tips When You’re Ready to Buy Trophies Online

25 January

Buying trophies online gives you a chance to pick out the perfect award for an employee, child at school, or anyone else. Trophies recognize achievement and let people know that you haven’t overlooked something they’ve done or the work they’ve put into their sales accomplishments, sports team, and the like. When you’re ready to buy […]

Choosing The Right Welding Glove For The Right Welding Job

15 January

Most amateur welders will probably use the same set of general purpose gloves for all the jobs they do around the house and car. However, if you’re looking at working with more advanced welding equipment or techniques, it may be prudent to invest in more varied range of welding gloves. Different types of welding give off […]

Ideal Equipment for Cutting Acrylic Glass at Home

07 January

There are numerous benefits attached to choosing acrylic glass, also known as Perspex, for use in the residential environment. This material is lightweight and made using plastic constituents, so it is resistant to external forces that would shatter standard glass. In addition, the acrylic glass is easier to handle, and it poses minimal injury hazards. […]