Ideal Equipment for Cutting Acrylic Glass at Home

There are numerous benefits attached to choosing acrylic glass, also known as Perspex, for use in the residential environment. This material is lightweight and made using plastic constituents, so it is resistant to external forces that would shatter standard glass. In addition, the acrylic glass is easier to handle, and it poses minimal injury hazards. You can install acrylic glass sheets in your residential building window spaces or use the material to make decorative crafts. Ideally, you should engage a professional technician to cut and install your acrylic glass. However, the task is relatively easy for DIY enthusiasts with the right machinery. Here are the primary types of equipment that you can purchase for cutting Perspex sheets at home.


The handsaw is a suitable tool for beginners since the equipment does not require prior knowledge or experience. Basically, you will cut the acrylic sheets using your physical arm strength, like you would when cutting lumber. This manual method is time-consuming, but there is minimal risk of injury. Moreover, the handsaw is relatively inexpensive, so you can purchase it for a single project. If you choose to use this tool for cutting the acrylic, ensure that the selected handsaw has a high number of teeth on the edge. Also, use clamps to hold the acrylic sheets on the work surface to minimise chipping and general vibrations.


The jigsaw is a handheld power tool, so it is faster and more efficient when compared to the manual handsaw. This equipment consists of an electric motor and a saw blade, and you might find it marketed as a bayonet saw. If you want to use the jigsaw, choose a product with a shallow blade and sharp teeth. This will help you have better control over the machine when it is in operation.

It is prudent to obtain a piece of acrylic testing sheet so that you can experiment and get used to the cutting speed. In addition, you should take note of the pressure and the time period required to cut the material perfectly. If you are too slow, the friction will generate too much heat and the sheet will melt. If the pressure on the blade is high, the glass will chip.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutter will produce the most accurate results when cutting the acrylic sheets. The amplified light radiation is precise and clean, so there is minimal risk of chipping and melting unfavourably. Unfortunately, the equipment is expensive and mainly suitable for commercial applications. However, some fabricators provide laser cutting services at affordable prices.