Important Tips When You're Ready to Buy Trophies Online

Buying trophies online gives you a chance to pick out the perfect award for an employee, child at school, or anyone else. Trophies recognize achievement and let people know that you haven't overlooked something they've done or the work they've put into their sales accomplishments, sports team, and the like. When you're ready to buy trophies online, note a few important tips you might want to remember so you're sure you get the right choice no matter the occasion.

1. Will the trophy be handed down or reused?

If you're looking to recognize achievement or accomplishment by employees or others on a regular basis, you might choose a plaque rather than an actual trophy. You can then add plates with a new person's name every month, every year, or however often it suits you. The plaque can be displayed in a common area at a school or business, or even in the office of the employee who most recently achieved the award. This can save you money on having to buy new trophies every month and in turn, cluttering up your office space or a school display cabinet.

2. Make it gender generic

If you're ordering a trophy now and don't know if it will be awarded to a male or female, you might avoid having a male or female figurine on the top. Instead, choose something generic like a star or a symbol that is fitting; this might be a dollar sign, a car for someone who works in the automotive industry, and the like. Female recipients may not like getting a trophy with a male figure on the top and vice versa, so avoid choose a specific gender for the figurine unless you're choosing trophies for an all-boys or all-girls sports team or already know the recipient of the trophy.

3. Choose a size that accommodates your engraving

Most trophies will have a base on which you engrave the name of the recipient and the reason for the award, but be sure the base you choose accommodates your engraving so it can be easy to read. This is especially important if you need a longer title and other information; adding "Salesperson of the Year" may not take up as much space as then adding the company name, the territory name, the dollar amount they sold, and so on. Ask the trophy company from where you order to show you a mockup so you know if you should change to a larger trophy with a base that more readily accommodates and so that no one will need to squint to see all the engraving you add.