Embrace the Latest Technology to Advance Your Engineering Projects.

Engineering has been the main backbone for the rapid development and growth in specialized industries in and around Brisbane. Several industries specializing in mechanical works, civil works, electrical, chemical and biomedical engineering now use skilled and innovative engineering designs to make advancements in their services. 

Leading in this new trend are the engineering design consultancy firms. They specialize in designing mining materials for handling systems for minerals like nickel ore, coal, alumina, and magnesium. They also work on engineering support, layout and hydraulic systems design for industries.

3D Modelling

Specialized and highly skilled engineering teams are using the latest 3D modelling and animation software to improve engineering design systems. Some of the software used includes NavisWorks, SolidWorks, and Pro Engineer Wildfire. This software is used to perform a wide-range of design works and detailing services on large scale projects involving big assemblies of machinery.

The software is backed up by 3D printers that produce solid items based on the input from design software.Engineering designers have always used computer-aided drafting to create detailed drawings and effective working plans for the processing and manufacturing industry. It is from these AutoCAD sketches that an idea or design is converted into a finished product.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Engineering designers use hi-tech advanced systems to know the reaction of a module or an element to environmental effects, for instance, the forces of nature, heat and tremor. A computer model of a material design is stressed and analyzed for precise results to ensure that the design meets the deformation, stress, vibration and temperature specifications for specified arrangements.

Discrete Element Analysis (DEA)

This is a procedure applied in the replication and analysis of particle-flow conditions to give information on momentum, heat, particle kinematics and mass transfer. The software is used to model the material flow through the reclaimed components with the sole aim of enhancing the chute design. These simulations are carried out with the bucket wheel operating in the horizontal position to optimize geometry.

These latest improvements in the computer-aided engineering sector looks set to ease big engineering projects especially in the construction and mining sector. More improvements are expected as new software is phased out to aid engineering design firms.

This has been further boosted by the availability of academic courses in engineering design to produce skilled engineers who have a wide range of specialist skills in large-scale engineering projects. It is assumed that these courses will develop a range of fundamental design and engineering skills with particular emphasis on creativity and computer aided engineering tools.