4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Goal Posts for Your Kids' Backyard Football Field

A football field in the backyard is one way to help your kids keep fit with exercise. It can also help them nurture their talents. Besides, it's a great way to help them enjoy their leisure time. However, a football field won't be complete without goal posts from a company like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd. You need to be careful when choosing goal posts. To help you make the right decision, here are some tips you will find useful.

Consider the Age Range

What is the age of your kids? Age is very important in choosing the size of the goal posts. Undersizing and oversizing of the goal posts are among the major issues you may have when choosing the posts. Undersized or oversized posts will definitely affect their suitability to the game play. Therefore, for small kids such as primary school students that have just started out on the field, you can go for mini goal posts. On the other hand, choose senior or standard goal posts for teens.

Look At the Type of Material Used

The type of material used can determine the durability of your goal posts. Steel and aluminium are some of the commonly used materials. While steel is stronger and more durable than aluminium, it may corrode and therefore require maintenance as well as repair work over time. On the other hand, aluminium won't rust or corrode easily, but it's weaker and lighter, and therefore, may show dings from the contact with the ball.

Consider the Movability

If you would like to use your backyard for other sports or practice, you may want to go for movable posts. In such case, the ease of moving the posts is key. Therefore, look at the base of the goal posts carefully and make sure that the casters can easily lock into position. Also, consider the material as well. Since steel is heavy, aluminium posts may be a better option because aluminium is lighter so the posts may be easier for you to move.

Consider the Adjustability

Adjustability of the goal posts will come in handy when your kids have a wide range of ages. That is, if you have both teens and primary school kids using the field, you may want to find adjustable goal posts to suit their ages and heights. Therefore, when choosing adjustable goal posts, make sure that the bolts or clasps can be slid out easily to adjust the height of the posts.