3 Creative Ways of Reusing Plastic Bottles

Recycling projects that turn trash into something useful are not only useful to you at a personal level by cutting down on costs, but are also means of conserving the environment. Environmental pollutants can either be biodegradable or non-biodegradable in nature. Biodegradable wastes will always decay and decompose in the soil, posing very minimal threat of pollution to the environment. In fact, they may act as organic manure in some cases which is a positive agricultural process. On the other hand, non-biodegradable waste materials may not be able to decay and decompose into soil making them a great threat to the environment. 

Plastic can be classified as a non-biodegradable waste material which means recycling to make it useful rather than disposing has a lot of benefits. These plastic bottle projects are so great that you can use your old recycled bottles, or you might be so inspired that you want to buy plastic bottles for sale, just to try them out.

Vertical Gardens

Plastic bottles can be made useful by coming up with vertical gardens on walls. This wonderful idea involves cutting the bottle on the side then horizontally stringing them in a grid along a wall. The bottle is then staffed with substrates and herbs and can be used to grow leafy vegetables like spinach, herbs, lettuce, febugreek, and many other plants. This expert idea saves you the trouble of having to search for a big space of land to plant simple vegetables that can be quite useful in your home.

Other garden ideas that use plastic bottles include window farms, plastic bottle tower garden, growing of cactus in hanging plastic bottles, half plastic bottle vertical garden on wooden frames and many others.

Making Brooms

Customising a simple broom from an old plastic bottle will save you some bucks on getting a new one. Start by removing the label on the used bottle. Use a penknife to cut off its bottom while measuring the exact distances between each cut. Remove its neck using the same penknife and cut the top of another bottle. Fit the part with no neck over the part with the neck of the other bottle. Drill two holes then insert the wire through the layers of the bottles then secure all the parts with nails to have your broom ready.

Marker/Pencil Organisers

Used bottles can be custom made to hold pencils and markers in an organised manner. In this case, the bottom side of the bottle is cut open using a pen knife. The pencils and markets can then be placed inside where they can be easily accessed in your office or study room.